More than 100 people auditioned to become the Voice of Baltimore. We heard so many unique and charming voices! But in the end, one person rose to the top. We have selected Marianne Handlir to become the official Voice of Baltimore and have already cast her in two radio commercials for OLD BAY – part of that brand's new "Baytriotism" campaign. Marianne is Bawlmer through and through. Like OLD BAY, she is the genuine article. Her charm and enthusiasm for this town made her the clear winner. Join us in congratulating Marianne! You can listen to her authentic Bawlmorese accent in the two radio spots below.


  • Born and raised in Highlandtown
  • Worked at Dalesio's in Little Italy in high school
  • Vacationed in Ocean City every year since she was 1
  • Father taught her to shout “O!” during the National Anthem at age 3
  • Considers the best Baltimore crabs the ones she steams
  • Has a “secret sauce” recipe for crabs that contains OLD BAY